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Lucky us.


Mabel’s Farm Box products are available at Ruhstaller Farm on Sievers Road, between Pedrick Produce and the old Milk Farm.


We think Ruhstaller Farm, at 5:30 pm on a Tuesday with work friends, at noon on a sunny Saturday when your kids are playing hide-and-seek in the walnut orchard and at sunset on a Sunday at the end of a busy, happy weekend, is just about the happiest place on earth. Or at least in California.


Go visit soon. Bring your kids. Bring your dogs. Bring your neighbors. Bring your sense of fun. Be ready to take a deep breath and relax. They’ll be watching for you, ready to pour you a great beer and feed you some fresh, local food, all California farm-style.

And if you go home with a little hay in your hair? We're gonna chalk that up as a successful day at Ruhstaller Farm.


Lucky, lucky us.

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